Boozy Strawberry Matcha

With Blossom Gin
Matcha Tea:
1 Teaspoon matcha Powder
60 ml hot water
5ml Sugar syrup
Mix Matcha power and hot water in a small bowl until dissolved, add sugar while its still warm
Strawberry Cream:
3 medium strawberries
60ml thickened cream
30ml Full cream Milk
10g Sugar
Blend in a thermomix (or Bullet Blender) until well combined.
Combining into cocktail masterpiece:
In desired glass pour your matcha tea (65ml) and fill with ice.
Add to a Cocktail shaker 
45ml Blossom Gin
40ml Strawberry Cream
Shake vigorously.
Slowly pour over ice (the slower and closer to the ice the better to insure the separation of matcha and cream).
Stand back and admire your two toned creation. Sip responsibly.
Need some Gin for that?